At Legacy Preschool we make each child's formative years' experience positive and meaningful. We are an institution which offers excellent opportunities for children to learn throughout our individually designed areas and aim towards providing a stimulating learning environment for your little ones.


1.5 years to 2.5 years


2.5 years to 3.5 years


3.5 years to 4.5 years


4.5 years to 5.5 years


The essence of our curriculum is to bring about holistic growth in our students in areas of social, academic and personal development. Our curriculum primarily focuses on integrated learning which enables us to blend in subjects and perform exercises that will enhance learning capabilities in terms of practical hands-on learning based approach.

Play Based Learning

Our Curriculum incorporates four types of play that are essential to optimise child development; motor play, social play, constructive play and role play. These enhance the cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills of the young ones. We have a fully equipped outdoor and indoor play areas for our learners to keep themselves engaged.

Language and Reading

Legacy has a fully equipped library with age appropriate books and reading tools. Additionally, there are reading corners in each classroom to focus on the development linguistics, grammar and spelling via sounds.


The integrated science curriculum is based on exploration and experimentation in order to cultivate a natural and healthy curiosity among students. Experiments also help children develop basic science skills like observing what is happening, using words to describe what they notice and repeating the action to compare results.

Technology for Little People

In the pre-school curriculum, technology refers to using tools and developing fine and gross motor skills. Tools can help children develop eye-hand coordination and strengthen hand and finger muscles for writing, typing and drawing.

Connectivity and digital literacy

We plan to implement classroom management and student progress tracking system named “See-Saw”. See-Saw empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school, using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs and links.

Coding for Kindergarteners

Coding can be fun and engaging. It helps students to think critically, work with one another and to problem solve.

Paperless coding

It is also known as coding unplugged which helps in learning the basics of coding such as sequencing, patterns, directionality and following directions.

Coding with Bots

Using bots kids build their own maze and program the Bot to navigate it and complete the maze. The kids are taught different techniques to program the robots.


Included in our curriculum are construction challenges which spark interest and curiosity for kids to explore the basics of building structures.


Sorting and counting are great ways to develop logic and learn basic math skills. Through play with blocks, colours and shapes children begin to learn concepts such as classification and ordering . The integrated programming and engineering curriculum reinforces these concepts using gameplay.

Social Studies and General Knowledge

The integrated Social Studies and General Knowledge curriculum is mainly based on awareness of the world and the environment. It is a combination of subjects such as History, Geography, Cultural Sciences, Economics, Sociology at the pre-school level. This is very beneficial to develop understanding and critical thinking abilities.

At Legacy, our goal is to give your child the best possible start in life, for that we plan to be mindful of their faith in their own skill.

Horticulture Class

Children learn best when engaging all their senses. With gardening, students can touch and feel the dirt, seeds and flowers, see the vibrant colors and varied sizes of the plants, hear the sounds of the vegetables taken from the plant and smell the scents of the flowers. This way the children grasp and understand all the math and science concepts that go along with gardening, as well as learn responsibility as they have to take care of their seeds each day in order for them to become healthy plants.

Physical Education and Sports

Children need physical education to improve strength, flexibility and endurance. P.E and sports help develop motor skills, boost brain function and build social skills like team play.

Grooming and Etiquette

Core values and manners should be embedded at early years. We believe in teaching the norms of table manners, posture and behavior from the beginning, which play a vital role in forming social and personal skills.

Community and Care

Legacy Academy of Learning also focuses on producing great human beings. Children here are taught compassion, courtesy, sharing, kindness and basic civic sense, keeping in mind taking care of one’s own self and also their environment and their community.

Music, Dance and Yoga

Introducing music to children during early development, helps them learn sounds. It helps the body and mind to work together. Dance and yoga develop better coordination skills.

Drama and Puppet Shows

Drama benefits young children immensely. It helps them to develop better communication skills, creativity, co-operation, leadership and self-expression. Most importantly it’s fun, making learning more enjoyable.

Cooking Classes

Bringing children into the kitchen can benefit them in a number of ways. It helps them explore with their skills such as squeezing, mixing and rolling contribute to developing small muscle control and eye-hand co-ordination.

Tae Kwon Do

Martial arts and tae-kwon-do are fun activities to achieve both fitness and focus. They teach self-discipline and self-respect as well as respect for others.

Arts and Crafts

Art enhances the child’s fine motor skills and creates a feeling of self-confidence when the child feels good about what he/she has created. Crafts such as colouring, drawing, cutting, pasting all require your child to use both of their hands and develops bilateral coordination.

Smart Boards for Interactive Class

As much of our technology is smart nowadays, we offer every student the innovative use of smart interactive boards as well as individual desktop stations in our specially designed Tech Room. This is very beneficial as children are encouraged to take active part in class lessons and activities.

Animal Kingdom and Planting Area

This includes where children learn to grow their own plants and take care of them throughout the year as well as some pets to learn responsibility and similar values. Discussions and age-appropriate writing assignments related to animals and nature will be incorporated in the classroom pertaining to what the children observe in their outdoor sessions.

Health Room

A comfortable room fully equipped with first aid provision and a certified medical practitioner who will look after children who are not well enough to take the class.


At Legacy, we let children get messy in our art and craft area, where their creativity and imagination comes to life. Activities like cutting, pasting, drawing, painting, clay work, play dough, and pottery improves their motor skills.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV 24/7 hour surveillance to monitor children

Library Corner

Comfortable reading corners will be placed in each classroom along with our separate library, which will be the quiet zone. Children will be taught to look after books and be responsible as well as borrow and lend books of their interest.

Aqua Aerobics and Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an exciting activity with numerous physical and mental benefits. We offer a number of water based activities and aqua aerobics classes which are both fun and educational.

sharing, kindness and basic civic sense, keeping in mind taking care of one’s own self and also their environment and their community.

  • Tailor-designed curriculum to make sure all developmental milestones are achieved from Pre Nursery to Kindergarten.
  • Building on multi-literacy by complimenting education with technology and foreign languages.
  • Encouraging curiosity and discovery and helping children develop better decision making skills.
  • Focusing attention on each child keeping in mind their developmental pace and requirements.
  • Generous care and attention because of our well-divided teacher student ratio.